September 16 , 2001
Gaeta, Italy

September 3 , 2001
Stromboli: The Lighthouse Of The Mediterranean

August 26 , 2001
Cefalu: Another Medieval Jewel

August 23 , 2001
Sicily: Land of Lovely Desserts

August 15 , 2001
En Route to North Africa

August 10 , 2001

August 8, 2001
Supermarkets and Amphora

August 6 , 2001
Sailing South in Sardinia

August 2 , 2001
La Vie en Corsica

July 30, 2001
Jonathan Joins Us

July 27, 2001
One Sea, Seven Colors

July 24, 2001
Say What?

July 23, 2001
"Va Bene"

July 21, 2001
Venturing Into Italy

July 20, 2001
And The Mistral Blew

July 18, 2001
The Spell Of Menorca

July 12, 2001
Culture And Concerts

July 7, 2001
Cha Chas

July 6, 2001
Red Dust

July 4, 2001
Rare Birds

July 3, 2001
Clear Empty Water

June 27 , 2001
Quick Friends

June 22 , 2001

June 13, 2001
Eastern Hemisphere

June 6, 2001
A Weekend in Cartegena

May 30 , 2001
A Time Or A Place

May 29 , 2001
Several Lovely Sails

May 21 , 2001
Free At Last

May 25, 2001
On The Hard

May 18, 2001
A Boat Again

May 14, 2001
Time Warp to Morocco

May 03, 2001
Still On Stilts in Malaga

A Boat Again -

 May 18, 2001 

This has been a tiring, but productive week. We have hosed and hosed and scrubbed and scrubbed. It was a two step forward, one backward, proposition as the Sahara dust was removed and the shipyard dust settled on DOVKA. All around us paint and acid were being sprayed on other boats, usually upwind of us, without any protection, making us paranoid as we tried to protect our pride and joy. But we did make progress slowly and got through the necessary chores of greasing the feathering prop and renewing the zincs, touching up the bottom paint and polishing the topsides, etc. etc.

Finally, this morning we were ready and two most competent and careful travel-lift operators wrapped DOVKA in slings and rolled her over to the water, let her gently down to find that she still floated. WE ARE A BOAT AGAIN. The engine started nicely and we motored to a berth. We are thrilled to be in the water, where the boat and we belong. Now we can finish our tasks to become a self-sufficient vessel once again, ready to break free from the shore and start sailing.