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About Chris Landers

Chris Landers is an associate editor at BoatUS Magazine. His writing has appeared in the Baltimore City Paper, Christian Science Monitor, National Geographic News, Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, and other magazines, newspapers and websites, including the Canadian Motorcycle Guide and an English textbook for Japanese students.

In his spare time, Chris likes to travel and fix things, sometimes concurrently. He sailed across the Atlantic twice on the Pride of Baltimore II, and rode his motorcycle across Labrador and the U.S. He worked for a few years as a shipwright aboard the U.S.S. Constellation, a museum ship in Baltimore, (Slogan: "The Greatest City In America") where he lives with his wife and too many motorcycles.

This latest project — the restoration of a 1964 motorboat he found on Craigslist, was sparked by the realization that a) he hadn't been out on the Chesapeake Bay in years and b) his wife would actually allow him to get a boat, as long as it was cheap, and he fixed it up himself.

So he's doing that.