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Finishing Touches

By Chris Landers, 10/27/2014

Howdy all,

It's been a while since I posted, and I apologize for that. My hard drive crashed and I lost a lot of pictures, so I had to retake them to show what I've been doing on the boat.

With the "new" engine installed and the interior patched and painted, I went ahead and installed the ski racks that run almost the full length of the boat. The old ones were plywood, and almost completely rotten, but they held together enough to use as patterns, so I made new pieces. In a break from tradition, I didn't use plywood for the "shelf" of the racks. For starters, they were longer than 8 feet, which would have meant ordering a ten-foot sheet of marine plywood just for a couple of 6-inch wide pieces. I could have used mahogany, or another boatbuilding hardwood, but that's expensive and a little tricky to source. I decided to experiment and use PVC trim board from Home Depot. Now before you stop reading, hear me out on this. It's relatively cheap, tools like wood, and it'll never rot. My only reservation was its weight – I haven't done the math, but I suspect it's heavier than plywood. For the amount of wood I'm dealing with, though, I doubt it will make a difference. The "shelf" part of the rack is supported by aluminum "L" brackets on the outboard side, which I made by bending and drilling aluminum flat stock, and a large inner piece of aluminum on the inboard side. The PVC board gets a little noodly in the long direction, but with those supports it's solid. I didn't even paint it, just wiped the cut edges with acetone to clean them up. Sorry about the leaves in this picture.

For the seats, I used a pair of back-to-back seats (here shown folded into lounging position) that I picked up on Craigslist a while back. Those were attached to the sole with rubber well nuts rather than toggle bolts, because I wanted to maintain the watertightness of the chamber between the sole and the hull.



I added the splash well, which was from a boat in Ohio. The owner had it sitting around, and she contacted me through a post I made online and offered to ship it, which was excellent and worked out perfectly, because I didn't want to have to make one.

After that, there were only a couple of finishing touches to take care of.

Hula Girl


See you on the water!


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