Bernadette and Douglas Bernon's "Ithaka":
They quit their jobs, sold the house, and set off the beaten track for the wild Western Caribbean. This log has become the how-to manual for cruisers -- both power and sail -- who dream of sailing over the horizon. (2000-2007)

Tania Aebi's "Shangri La":
In May 1985, when Tania Aebi was 18, she cast off from lower Manhattan, alone, on her 26-foot sloop, Varuna. Twenty-two years later Tania set off cruising with her sons Nicholas and Sam as crew, on a 36-footer named Shangri-La, and headed from the Caribbean through the Panama Canal, to the South Pacific. (2007-2008)

David Stein's "ICEFISH":
The treacherous southern Atlantic Ocean attracts a certain kind of seaman. Join this marine biologist for two months on the research ship Nathaniel B Palmer. (2004)

Benjamin Shaw's "Baggy Wrinkle":
South from the Chesapeake and down to the tropical-island paradise of the Eastern Caribbean (2001-2002)

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