Tom’s Tips About Wind and Fire

1. When you’re moving down a channel where current and/or wind is crossing the channel, don’t just look at the navigational aid or landmark ahead. Frequently also look astern to be sure you’re not being swept to the side.

2. Also look at your wake. If it’s curving off to the side it can indicate that’s where you’re going or have been. The wake may by affected by the current/wind, but it also shows your trail.

3. It’s best to have another watch keeper do the sighting astern so that the helms person can devote full attention to traffic and other matters of steering.

4. When you anchor for a front or storm, try to set your anchor from the direction you think the weather will be coming. Usually (not always) on the east coast this is from the northwest, so you’d back down toward the southeast as you dig your anchor in.

5. Take heed of what other boats are doing. They may be anchored with no regard to the coming wind shift.

6. Always exercise prudent seamanship under the circumstances.

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