Tom's Tips About Grilling

1. A cardinal rule for eating on dock or deck: NEVER FEED THE BIRDS. If you see some misguided soul doing this, tell them that you see some droppings in their hair and that you’re just wondering if they knew it was there.

2. If you use propane to grill on board, store the canisters where leaking gas can not settle into the boat.

3. When we store charcoal aboard, we prefer to not keep it in the lazarette or any other confined area where the charcoal dust could settle into the boat. We prefer to keep it (in it’s original bag) in a heavy duty garbage bag (not sealed) in an on deck locker, segregated from the boat’s interior. The locker should be well ventilated, but dry.

4. A charcoal grill has the extra potential problem of dropping hot coals onto the deck if it isn’t built for the purpose and mounted correctly (which should include having it hanging overboard downwind).

5. Over the years we’ve experienced a very high level of onboard “marine” gas grills blowing out if there’s any wind. This leaves the meat not cooking and the gas flowing. While you might think that normally the wind would blow off the escaping gas, this isn’t an assumption that you should rely on. For this and other obvious safety reasons, we never leave the grill unattended.

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