Tom’s Tips About Dream Boats

1. Many people who buy an old boat planning to “fixer ‘er up” and go cruising end up broke, broken hearted and with an unrealized dream.

2. Even if you are able to do most of the work yourself (and few of us are) it’s going to be very expensive to do it right. Cutting corners and going to sea don’t mix.

3. Jobs that you can do well in the context of a building ashore will usually have very different materials, rules and procedures and safety issues on a boat.

4. If you are considering this sort of project, invest in the opinion of a good surveyor, and perhaps get an opinion from a yard as to what you’re getting into.

5. Many of us begin to try to fulfill this sort of dream after we retire. But unfortunately an older body typically has a far more difficult time doing the things needed. Believe me, I can tell you that.

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