Tom’s Tips About Getting More Speed

1. You can get more speed by tradeoffs, but be sure you want to give up what youíre trading.

2. Many boats are faster for the size, not just because they have more power, but also because they are lighter. A lighter boat may mean that you canít carry as much water, cruising stores and fuel. It may also mean that youíre going to be more uncomfortable in seas.

3. Hull shape may be another tradeoff. Two examples follow. A true displacement hull is generally not going to go more than its hull speed, which will be relatively slow. But that hull may have certain advantages over faster hulls, such as the ride. A planing hull will be quite different, will get much more speed, but will give you a much different ride. Itís a matter of what you prefer; just familiarize yourself with the issues.

4. Some builders have attempted to achieve the best of both worlds. Some have been quite successful. Others have simply loaded a displacement hull with huge engines to obtain higher speeds. You can usually tell whether this is a successful solution in a particular boat by looking at the wake the boat throws at the higher speeds and comparing fuel consumptions. These boats usually throw small tsunamis as they push through the water, bow upóstern down. Not good.

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