Tom’s Tips About Bailing With a Shovel

1. Even if ice on the water is very thin, it can be very sharp. It cut into your bottom paint and take it off. It can also cut into the gel coat. This may not happen at first, but will as the ice begins to melt and wind pushes the sharp sheets against your hull.

2. If you are in winter climes and keep a boat in the water or have a dock, it may a wise move to invest in an “ice eater” device unless you are in a marina which already has one.

3. This type of device not only protects the boat, it protects the dock.

4. These devices are typically either propellers in funneling casings that are submerged and that propel warmer water from the bottom to the top, melting ice, or they are bubblers that create bubbles from the bottom warmer layers of water. With both types, both the rising of warmer water and the agitation helps to dispel ice.

5. Modern models consume far less electricity that the ones we used years ago.

6. We have a model that includes a control box which will turn the unit on and off according to the times and temperatures that you set.

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