Tomís Tips for Fire on the Water

  1. We’ve developed a habit of turning on the TV when we’re in range of a local station or the satellite TV (when it is working) and checking briefly the morning, noon and evening local news on a local channel. We’ve gotten much helpful information relevant to our trips over the years from this source. Usually a local TV station will be reporting the “BREAKING NEWS” as quickly as it can and often this news is relevant to boats passing nearby.

  2. Most boats can get on the www by one method or another in most areas where we cruise on this continent. On “Chez Nous” we use Verizon Wireless Broadband with a USB air card in the computer, which provides very broad coverage. Most larger marinas have Wi-Fi and many cruisers just access the internet using their cell phones.

  3. You can access on the internet relatively live-time satellite views, radar, combinations of the two and get special weather alerts which might indicate presence of fire.

  4. You can set your web site (if you’re a member of BoatUS) to show radar and satellite views and have this as your home page.

  5. You can also access other weather sites such as  and . You can set the sites to focus on the weather in your area and then access many types of information which might indicate fire hazard or actual fire.
  6. If you sign up for the East Coast Alerts from this site, you can get information as it’s received. Go to

  7. If you keep one VHF radio on Channel 16 all the time you’re likely to hear USCG securitee broadcasts and reports from other sources about fires or other unusual situations. Often you’ll to use Channel 09 or 13, but there should always be one radio tuned to 16.

  8. Be alert for indicators of problems. For example, if an area has brush fire bans, the humidity is low and the wind is up, there is greater likelihood of runaway fires.

Go to for other information

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