On Stinging Nettles

1. Look before you leap.

2. Have someone on the boat keep a lookout for nettles when you are in the water, but be aware that they can come from the deep.

3. Watch the tide. Tidal flow can sometimes mean more or less nettles, depending on where you are and where they are. They usually move with the tide.

4. There are various home brew remedies that people use to hopefully lessen the pain. These are all applied directly to the area of the sting.

5. These include meat tenderizer, vinegar and alcohol.

6. When I was a kid we rubbed smelly river bottom mud on the affected area and thought that this helped immensely, but the last time I tried it I was far less impressed.

7. Itís been my experience, after many years of getting stung, that nothing really works well when they get you, except the passage of time. In the meantime, you get to try for a whole lot of sympathy.

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