Sailboat Races
(for non-participants and observers)

1. There are fairly specific rules that apply to many sailboat races. Unfortunately some push the rules and the race to the limit and this can result in less fun and sometimes collisions and injury.

2. Sometimes powerboat operators donít understand that sailboats out on a race are operating under racing rules.

3. Sometimes skippers racing donít give due consideration to the Rules of the Road.

4. Sometimes those setting out courses for racing (by placement of buoys etc.) donít consider the fact that theyíre arranging the race course across channels that are supposed to be available for general navigation and that are sometimes the only way other boats can traverse the area.

5. The fact that a sailboat is in a race doesnít abrogate the rules of the road and the requirement for prudent seamanship.

6. Often the failure to understand the other skipperís perspective can lead to unpleasant experiences or even dangerous encounters.

7. Usually, appreciation for the other guy, adherence to the Rules of the Road and simple courtesy solve many potential problems.

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