About No See-ums

1. Some call them ďsand gnats,Ē some call them ďsand flies,Ē many call them other things I canít say here.

2. Whatever you call them, No See-ums will fly right through your screens and drive you nuts.

3. They fly out of marshes, but the worst experiences weíve had with them is with mangroves. They thrive in mangrove swamps.

4. They come mostly just before sunset and just after sunrise, although if the day is calm enough you can get them anytime.

5. They seldom come out on really windy days, unless youíre actually walking in the swamp.

6. The farther offshore you anchor, the less likely youíll be to have them.

7. If youíre in a marina and they come, close up tightly and turn on your air conditioning. Even if you donít have air conditioning youíre better off closed up. Run a large fan. Itíll help to keep you cool and no-seeums donít do well in wind.

8. Buy no-seeum netting. The holes are very small to keep them outóso small they let little air through. So donít permanently mount the screens, keep them stored to drape over portholes and hatches when youíre under attack.

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