About Lights at Night

1. A spotlight can be helpful or harmful, depending on how you use it.

2. Never aim a spot light in a direction or manner that will interfere with the vision of another boat operator.

3. Also avoid using it in a manner that will interfere with your night vision. For example, it reflects on your deck or rigging, it could greatly interfere with your night vision.

4. If you need to identify another object (such as an unlit boat) shine the light in a manner least likely to interfere with the other operatorís vision. An example may be near the water line on his side up near the bow or stern. If you think itís a sailboat the operator is more likely to be near the stern, so consider lighting the side at or near the waterline at the bow. The best things to do will vary with the circumstances, but itís important that you not impair the vision of the other operator as you figure out whatís going on.

5. A spotlight or simply a strong flashlight can help if you shine it up on your sails or along your hull or down in the water near your hull. If you do this, do it in a manner that wonít impair your vision. Remember that good night vision is critical.

6. ALWAYS check your running lights regularly and carry spare bulbs. Most problems with running lights come from simple corrosion at the bulb or switch contact points. This can often be remedied with a little abrasion at those points, such rubbing with a pencil eraser.

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