Wireless Internet Connection

  1. Wireless internet connection on a boat can present special issues. These include possible signal interference from electronics, cordless phones, battery chargers and inverters and rigging.
  2. When you buy equipment, try to determine if there is free technical assistance in setting it up and if that assistance has any savvy whatsoever about boating issues.
  3. We’ve had experience with cell phone technical assistance in which we were actually told that cell phone signals don’t work over water. This, and other misconceptions, can make technical assistance worthless to boat users.
  4. Be sure that you can return equipment, because it may not work in your boat’s circumstances. Try it out thoroughly right away.
  5. Take with many grains of salt claims of good data (as opposed to voice) transmission more than 20 miles from a cell phone tower. You may get it, but it may be slow. And you may not get it.
  6. If a cell phone tower is “aimed” onshore to where the population is located, you may not get good coverage even though you are relatively close to it but offshore.

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