On Hurricane Awareness

1. Never let the clear skies fool you into thinking the forecasters are going to be wrong. The day can turn from beautiful weather to outer bands of wind and rain in just a few hours, and some of those outer bands can pack enough rain to flood, enough wind to damage, and even tornadoes.

2. Don’t plan on fighting a hurricane during the storm. Prepare before they come and seek safety. Stick your hand out the window while you’re driving down the highway at just 45 miles per hour. (If you don’t mind possibly getting hurt in the process.) Feel the force of the wind. That’s nowhere near hurricane speed and the forces increase by a much greater ratio than the increase of wind speed. If a bug or piece of sand hits that hand, you’ll get an even better idea of how helpless you’d be out there in a hurricane.

3. If you’re not already, get into the habit of tracking tropical storms on a hurricane plotting chart. It’ll help you develop a feel for them.

4.Remember that just a small jog in the course of a hurricane or tropical storm can result in the wind coming from a different direction than predicted. This can turn a good anchorage or marina or storage area into a very bad one.

5. Always factor into your plans the “right front quadrant” phenomenon.

6. As examples of sites to help you learn about tropical storms and hurricanes, check out the following. www.nhc.noaa.gov and www.mwxc.com . The first is obviously a NOAA site. It has many helpful references and much information. The second is that of a consultant who provides weather information and who also has written a helpful book which you can find on that site.

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