Tom’s Tips On Choosing Your Anchor

By Tom Neale, 12/8/2014

1. Don't chose your anchor based on gimmickery, unrealistic boat show demonstrations, on what any one person says or limited testimonials about how well one particular boat held in one bad storm. It's more complex than that.

2. Listen to various experts. Even if they disagree with each other, their experiences can be very helpful.

3. When choosing anchors, talk with and listen to experienced people who do your type of boating, in the areas where you boat and with comparable boats.

4. "Experience" should mean more than just one storm at anchor or a year or two of boating or an ocean crossing trip in which you anchored little if any at all.

5. Use common sense when looking at anchors available. Ask yourself if what you're seeing should really work well, considering what it has to do down on the bottom. Think it through.

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