Tom’s Tips About Cleaning Up After Boat Jobs

By Tom Neale, 5/6/2014

1. I not only like 3M 5200, I like many other products similar to this. But they all have one thing in common. How do you clean up the mess you make with them?

2. Most product manufacturers have other specific clean up products which they'll be glad to sell to you if you have any money left over from buying the first product. These usually work well.

3. The 3M 5200 clean up recommendation can be found on their official data sheet and most products have similar info on their web sites.

4. But one thing I've always observed about official cleanup stuff is that you never have it around when you need it.

5. So I often use something like acetone, WD-40, alcohol or turpentine. Of course, the consequences of using most of these chemicals can hurt you and other things if you're not very careful. Read labels very carefully and always test before you commit.

6. You must be sure you don't use some of these cleanup products where you want to re-apply, because of the residue they may leave. You must then clean that residue with another boat job product.

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