Tom’s Tips About Storm Anchorages and Other Boats

By Tom Neale, 12/4/2013

1. Factoring the other boats into your considerations as you prepare for the storm anchorage can mean a huge difference, not just for them, but for you.

2. When a boat's anchor breaks loose, that boat usually sails madly downwind, beam to wind, yawing fore and aft on the anchor line that's still trailing with the anchor skipping along the bottom behind. Thus its path of destruction can be quite large.

3. When setting your anchor, try to provide for more than the scope of your swing and that of nearby boats. Boats seldom swing in unison in bad storms and usually drag some, if only a little. Also, tightly stretching anchor lines in high wind must be considered.

4. If more than one anchor is used, as in a V setting, this will affect how the boat swings and there may be problems if another boat uses a different anchoring system. Discuss this with each other. You can work it out. Like it or not, you're all in it together.



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