Tom’s Tips About Finding Brokers

By Tom Neale, 6/6/2013

1. Brokers can provide an invaluable service, but aren't always necessary, depending on the boat, you, the seller and other circumstances.

2. Some states have a qualification process of one sort or another for brokers and a requirement that they be bonded. This is excellent, but there are plenty of good brokers who aren't in these areas.

3. Look for established knowledgeable brokers. Avoid the person "playing at it" unless you know that it's OK.

4. Ask a broker hard questions. If he doesn't know ask him to find out. He should.

5. Check web site and magazines to try to get an idea of the broker's experience, reputation and boats he is representing and has in the past.

6. Some brokers, like other professionals, specialize in types of boats, clientele and other areas. Keep that in mind as you look and talk to them.



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