Toms Tips for Making Old Boats Better

By Tom Neale, 11/5/2012

1. Safety items should be top priority. Often one of the first of these is to make a wiring diagram and replace bad wiring. These two often go hand in hand.

2. Look for a boat that’s in good enough condition that you can use and enjoy it as you fix it up. Don’t put yourself through years of self denial.

3. Don’t underestimate your skills, time available and physical abilities. You’ll learn and acquire skills, but if you haven’t done something before you won’t know how well you will be able to do it and you want to have fun and have a good boat.

4. Get a knowledgeable friend or surveyor to discuss with you what you’re going to have to do and what you will simply want to do.

5. Many end up so exhausted as to body mind and funds that they never use the boat; probably never finish it. Don’t take on too big a project.

6. Decide up front whether you’re fixing up the boat to use yourself or to “enjoy” as a project, with the goal of perhaps selling it.

7. There are many articles on the BoatUS “Tech Info and Advice” section that may be very helpful for your specific issues. Look in the menu on the left of the home page.



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