Toms Tips About Cold Boating

By Tom Neale, 11/23/2011

1. Boating in cold weather requires many extra precautions. Here are but a few.

2. If you go on the water in cold weather understand thoroughly the hazards of hypothermia. Cold water can kill you very quickly. Allowing yourself to get too cold in air alone can rob you of your ability to take care of yourself and lead to death directly or indirectly.

3. If you go in the water, you’ll lose control of your body in moments or less, depending on the temperature of the water, air and wind effects.

4. Wearing life jackets is even more important than usual, but a life jacket won’t help you much if you stay in the water more than a very brief time, again depending on temperatures. However it might give a rescuer on the boat some brief extra time to get you in still alive, before you slip under.

5. Wear the types of warm clothing that won’t unduly restrict your agility and make you clumsy. Traditional heavy warm clothing quickly becomes waterlogged if you go in, and can drag you down.

6. Don’t go out without at least one other capable person aboard.

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