Toms Tips on Making a Cheap and Easy Transducer Water Box

By Tom Neale, 7/7/2011

1. I use a plastic yogurt or cottage cheese container. And I don’t buy them from West Marine. Since my wife eats the stuff (and makes me eat it), they’re free. I save the top.

2. I cut out the center area of the bottom, leaving around a half inch or so of the inturned rim. This gives the container support and gives a broad surface for sealing. The hole cut out of the bottom must be large enough for the transducer, so it’s reading only through water and hull—not through the container bottom.

3. I smoothly sand and clean the hull thoroughly with acetone or a similar solvent at THE chosen spot. BEWARE of harmful fumes.

4. Then I heavily coat the outside edges of the bottom’s inturned rim with silicone sealant. I smear it so that when I press the container against the hull the sealant will ooze out the outside edges, not into the interior hole in the bottom. Fish bowl silicone sealant will do. I press this down in the cleared spot, hold it a few minutes, and then leave it for 24 to 48 hours depending on product instructions and ambient temperature.

5. Next, I cut a slit in the top, from the outside to the middle. I push the transducer wire into the slit with enough slack so that the transducer sits on the bottom in the middle.

6. I fill the container with water, put the top on, and VOILA! I let it sit a day to be sure the sealant isn’t leaking. If it does I must decide whether the leak is bad enough to do it again, or if I think I can shore it up with more sealant around the outer edges after the area has dried again (seldom works) or if I can just live with it.

7. Occasionally I’ll have to remove the top and refill the container because of evaporation, but not often. And the top helps to keep water from splashing out when it’s rough.

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