Tom’s Tips About Unwanted Boat Creatures

By Tom Neale, 12/14/2006

1. We didn’t have a rat, thank heavens, but there are a few things you should know about them—and cockroaches.

2. Rats not only swim, than can swim from one boat at anchor to another and climb aboard. It happened to a friend’s boat in the Abacos once and I’ve heard of it happening to other boats.

3. Always carry large rat traps aboard—the kind that snaps closed and kills them—not the kind that traps them in a cage. They don’t take up much space and if you need one you REALLY need one.

4. Cockroaches (the big southern kind also known as “Palmetto Bugs” fly and can simply land on your boat. If it’s a pregnant flying cockroach you’ve REALLY got problems.

5. Always carry a supply of the large style roach hotels.

6. Both rats and cockroaches will come on a boat even if it’s immaculately clean. Don’t feel embarrassed if they do. It happens to the cleanest boats. They also come on from some of the finest marinas, even if your slip is far out from the shore.

7. Both these creatures can be serious health hazards and damage your boat. A rat, for example, may decide to eat an underwater hose or gnaw insulation off a wire.

8. Learn to identify the pellets of each. Anytime something is eating food or taking bites out of fruit, start looking.

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