Toms Tips About Installing An Outboard

By Tom Neale, 8/6/2009

  1. Whenever you install an outboard (or anything else to your transom) take very particular care that all holes into your transom fiberglass are sealed so that water won’t get to the core inside and cause transom rot. A good marine sealant should be applied around the through-bolt holes and the outboard’s bracket.
  2. This is a good time to check for stress cracks, not only where the outboard is mounted, but also in the area where the transom joins the sides and bottom.
  3. Superficial stress cracks in the gelcoat may not be a problem, but they may be indicative of something going on or of something to look out for.
  4. With the improved diagnostics, safety checks and other features on new outboards, it makes sense to get all or many of the optional packages the manufacturer offers. These can let your outboard do more for you and protect your investment.
  5. Always call your insurer and tell them about the addition. You will normally need higher coverage.