Toms Tips About Night Sky and Your Boat

By Tom Neale, 6/26/2009


Tom’s Tips About Night Sky and Your Boat

  1. Your boat can allow you to be closer to the stars than most other people in the civilized parts of the world ever imagined.  If you seek out an isolated anchorage at night, far from the lights of cities and towns, and look up, you’ll see stars and constellations that you would probably never see from your home, unless you live way out in the country.
  2. Our favorite places to look at the night sky have been far out in the ocean on overnight passages, or in remote anchorages in the Bahamas.
  3. The farther out you are, not only is there less light pollution, there is less haze from dust and smoke to dim your view of the stars.
  4. Learn names and stories of stars and constellations. It’ll give you an entirely new perspective on boating, on nature, and on life. And if you have children along, it can teach them an awe of the universe in a manner unequaled.
  5. If you want to read a lot of technical stuff about the solstice, you can find more than you probably ever wanted to know on the www. Check out these sites, as examples, and others.  Of course, you can also just Google it. or

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