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May 14, 2004, Punta Arenas, Chile

I arrived in Punta Arenas, Chile, from Santiago a couple of hours ago, hooked up with the ICEFISH guys and am now on my way to see about some fishes from the marine lab here. The NATHANIEL B. PALMER is truly first class - and BIG. All my stuff, which I had to ship over a month ago because of security concerns about dissecting kits and other restricted items, is aboard, so no worries about the rest of my clothes, literature, etc.

We had pretty good weather coming down over the southern part of the Andes. I have NEVER seen a landscape like that. Incredible: glaciers, volcanic craters, icebergs in bays. Absolutely mind-blowing. I took lots of pictures, and the computers aboard ship already have card readers hooked up, so I don't have to do anything to save them.

For lunch today I had a chupe, which is a kind of seafood stew. I had king crab, and for 6500 pesos (about $10) I got a six-inch bowl full of crab, a hard boiled egg (quartered), a bitter olive in the center, a lemon and a lime (sectioned), and a couple of hard rolls, plus fresh salsa. It was SOOOOOOOOO good. For dessert I had Panqueques con manjar, which is crepes filled with reduced sweetened condensed milk. Delicious. That cost $1.65.

I'm going to get fat here. Good thing we're leaving Monday.