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The Vegetarian Epicure Books I and II
Posted by Lori Ross - Viewed 22346 times

The Vegetarian Epicure Books I and II by Anna Thomas
Cookbook suggestion by Lori Ross

As a poor graduate student in the 1970s, I saved my pennies to buy this set of vegetarian cookbooks from the university bookstore.  I was fascinated by the variety of delicious meals that featured vegetables, fruits, beans and grains rather than expensive meat and fish.  Though now an avid meat eater, I have replaced these vegetarian cooking gems twice since then and still refer to them today for amazing soups, salads, beans, pastas and other ethnic dishes such as spicy Indian curries, Spanish tapas and tortillas, Greek meze and casseroles, and Mexican enchiladas, rajas and tacos.  From these cookbooks I learned to make omelets, quiches, crepes, quick breads, ratatouille, hummus, babaganoush, lasagna and pizza…all things I now make on the boat while cruising!  These books are also out of print, but available pre-owned from Amazon, Barnes and Noble among others.  Anna Thomas has several other cookbooks, but none as wonderful as these.  Check out her website “Vegetarian Epicure: the cookbooks and food writing of Anna Thomas” at for news on her books and some recipes.


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