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Tapas Banderillas or Little Skewers
Posted by Lori Ross - Viewed 6584 times

By Lori Ross reated for Cooking Challenge Six – Quick and Pretty Appetizers for a surprise cocktail hour guest from non-refrigerated ingredients we usually carry aboard from Bernadette Bernon, Newport, RI.

These easy tapas called Banderillas get their name from the barbed darts used during a bullfight! Buy jars/cans of these ingredients and keep them on hand in your kitchen for those times when unexpected guests arrive or you receive a last-minute invitation and want to bring a little treat!


1 box round toothpicks

1 jar gherkin pickles

1 jar cocktail onions

1 jar green olives (pitted & stuffed with pimento, garlic or anchovies)

1 can chunk white tuna (I like tuna in oil for this dish but you can use regular tuna (but it may not skewer as easily), canned shrimp or salmon.

Slide pickle, onion, olive and fish on to toothpicks 



SPICY:  Skewer banana wax peppers or peperoncini instead of pickles


VEGETARIAN: Skewer artichoke hearts in water or oil, cut in half instead of fish


NICOISE: Replace green olives with Calamita or Greek pitted olives and add canned or jarred roasted red sweet peppers and jar of anchovies.  Skewer bite sized pieces of roasted red pepper, onion, olive, tuna and whole anchovy 



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