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Silverfin Fried Strips (Asian Carp)
Posted by CWyngaard - Viewed 8485 times

Silverfin Fried Strips (Asian Carp)

by Chef Philippe Parola

See article "Eating The Aliens" in August/September 2011 BoatUS Magazine

16 strips of Silverfin fish (boneless if possible)
2 eggs
1 cup of Kleinpeter half & half for eggwash
1 cup of Louisiana fish fry Seasoned flour
Pickapeppa mango sauce for dipping

Preheat fryer at 350 degrees. In a bowl, crack 2 eggs. Stir well. Add half & half. Stir well (then you are having an eggwash for your fish).  Place the Silverfin strips into eggwash. Coat each strip with the seasoned flour. Fry until done. Served wtih pickapeppa mango sauce.


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