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 By Lori Ross for Cooking Challenge Two - Luau Themed Cocktail Party from Gale and Evelyn Alls, Springfield, VA.

Classic rumaki is made with chicken livers and water chestnut, but if you don’t like liver or water chestnuts, then feel free to use shrimp, scallops or pitted dates…or a mixture of all three!  All are equally delicious wrapped in bacon!
12 slices raw bacon, cut in half crosswise
24 canned water chestnuts, drained
12 chicken livers, pitted dates or large shrimp cut in half lengthwise
Soy sauce
4 tsp grated peeled fresh ginger
4 tbsp brown sugar

Place 1 water chestnut in the middle of each piece of bacon, then top chestnut with half a chicken liver. Place a drop of soy sauce, a pinch of ginger, and a sprinkle of brown sugar on top of each liver. Wrap bacon around water chestnuts and livers and secure with a plain toothpick. Place under broiler or on grill for 4-5 minutes or until bacon is crispy.  Alternatively, you may cook these at home and reheat in microwave until warm.

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