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Tabbouleh Salad
Posted by Lori Ross - Viewed 1385 times

Recipe by Lori Ross

For the best version of this classic Middle Eastern salad, use a high proportion of
parsley and serve with crisp inner leaves of romaine lettuce, using them as spoons to scoop the salad from the serving dish.  Add hummus, pita bread, olives, feta cheese and a light red wine for a cool and tasty lunch aboard.

1/2 cup bulgur rinsed under running water and drained   
1/4 cup water
6 Tbsps lemon juice
1/3 cup olive oil    
Salt and pepper to taste     
2 cups fresh parsley, minced   
2 medium tomatoes, diced   
4 medium scallions (green and white parts), minced   
2 tbsps fresh mint, minced  

 Mix bulgur wheat with 1/4 cup water  in medium bowl; set aside
until grains are tender and fluffy (20-30 minutes). Mix lemon juice, olive oil,
salt to taste, and red pepper if desired. Mix bulgur, parsley, tomatoes,
scallions and mint. Add dressing and toss to combine. Cover and refrigerate to
let flavors blend, 1 to 2 hours. Makes 4-6 servings.

Lemon Tabbouleh: Replace water with lemon juice for a bright delicious flavor. If using all lemon, serve within a few hours of making it as the lemon and onion tend to
overpower the flavors.

Greek Tabbouleh: I also like to add chopped peppers, cucumber, feta cheese and
black olives for a variation on Greek Salad.

Shrimp Tabbouleh: Top with peeled, cooked shrimp, cucumbers and peppers to make a full meal.

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