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Maple Baked Beans
Posted by Lori Ross - Viewed 1435 times

Recipe by Lori Ross

½ pound navy or other small beans or 4 cups canned beans
1 cup onion chopped
2/3  cup maple syrup
7 oz. salt pork, ham, or bacon
1 tsp dry mustard
4 cups water
2 tsps salt and 1 ½ tsps pepper
Heat oven to 300 degrees
If using dried beans, place in heavy pot with enough water to cover beans. Bring water to boil, then strain and rinse beans and return to pot with fresh water.  Drain beans
Put half of the beans in bean pot or covered ovenproof dish. Add the ham, salt pork or bacon, mustard onion and bay leaf, then the rest of the beans. Add the maple syrup, then cover with water.  Cover the pot, and put it in the oven. Bake for 2-3 hours, checking beans every hour or so to be sure they are still covered in liquid; replenish liquid if it gets below beans. Remove the lid for the last hour of cooking if there is lots of liquid on top of the beans.  Once cooked, add salt to taste and serve warm with lots of fresh ground pepper. These can also be simmered on the stove top for  2 hours until beans are tender.
If using canned beans, open and rinse canned beans and add to pot once onion is tender. Heat gently for 5-10 minutes and add salt to taste. Add seasonings and heat gently for 30 minutes.

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