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Herb waters
Posted by Lori Ross - Viewed 1490 times

Recipe by Lori Ross


Called a tisane in , fresh herbs are infused in warm water, then served chilled with or without sugar for an unusual and tasty drink. A strong herbal tisane can be thinned with water (1 part tisane to 3 part water) and poured over ice with or without sugar. Or, use sparkling water, with a drop or two of flavored vinegar for a refreshing drink.

Use 1 cup washed fresh herbs (e.g. mint, rosemary, sage, organic rose petals, lemon-thyme, pineapple sage, scented geraniums or lavender) to warm water for 10-15 minutes.  Strain into pitcher, dilute with water, chill and serve with a sprig of the herb/s you selected.  While somewhat bitter full strength and without sugar, this is a delicious, fragrant and restorative drink cut with lots of water and a little sugar.

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