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Lori’s Challenge

Lori Ross invites you to challenge her to create a set of five quick and easy recipes using your favorite key ingredient or a grouping of five different recipes around a theme!

Here are some examples. You could ask Lori to

  • 1) Make five easy rubs for meat or fish;
  • 2) Make five sauces using cinnamon;
  • 3) Make five 10-minute soups using canned beans;
  • 4) Make five low-calorie appetizers for entertaining last-minute guests aboard

Lori will take a challenge each month and her five recipes will be posted on this website on the first Monday of each month through February 2012. Each month’s Challenge Winner will receive a BoatU.S. bag of cookbooks from Lori’s personal collection. The last deadline is January 3, 2012. Please submit your challenges to Please write “Cooking Challenge” in the subject line and include your name and contact information.