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Did you know that it is against both Federal and State laws to throw any garbage in coastal and inland waters?

Here's Some Waterfront Wisdom:

  • Keep your cigarette butts off the beach and out of the water.   More than 100,000 were picked up on Gulf beaches on one day last year!
  • When purchasing refreshments, choose recyclable containers (and recycle them!) instead of foamed cups with plastic lids and straws.
  • Take sandwiches and snacks from home in reusable containers rather than in plastic food bags.
  • Leave the beach a cleaner place than you found it.  Take a trash bag on your beach walk and carefully pick up litter.
  • If you run a waterfront business, maintain your garbage cans with lids and pick up debris before it gets in the water.

Want to do more - share this information with a friend, and put up a "Stash Your Trash" poster in a public place for others to see!  Join in coastal and underwater cleanups, adopt-a beach programs, and the "Boater's Pledge."

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