Selling Tips

The internet is a powerful selling tool. Take full advantage of that when placing your classified ad by making it as complete as possible, adding all the relevant details you can think of. And don't forget to include a phone number, email or web address so that you can be easily contacted by interested parties.


  • When creating your full web ad for your boat, provide as much information as possible, especially information involving the engine(s). Before you write the description of your boat, inspect your boat and list the equipment and features found in each area of the boat. Don't forget electronics, upgrades and information about the condition of the boat. Does it come with a dinghy? Is a trailer included? If you have a recent marine survey, don't forget to mention it and the date it was completed.
  • We strongly recommend taking full advantage of using the five photos allowed to enhance the description of your boat. In addition to including a full photo of your boat, be sure to take pictures of the engine, cockpit, staterooms, bow, stern, or anything else that enhances your description and helps to sell your boat.
  • When pricing your boat, consider how comparable boats are priced to determine a fair selling price. Keep in mind that boats sell differently in different parts of the country, and in different seasons. A boat may be worth less at the end of one boating season than at the beginning of the next. BoatUS Boat Buyer Services offers (free to members) an emailed boat value check, as well other services your buyer may need, including boat insurance, boat graphics, escrow, settlement and documentation.


  • Again, take full advantage of using the five photos allowed to enhance the description of your waterfront property, equipment, fishing charter business, etc. It's not just boats that benefit from the use of photos; impress your potential buyers with a photo of your beautiful waterfront rental, the logo of your fishing charter business, or the mint condition of your propeller.


  • We can't stress it enough: add a photo of your boat. It's free, and will greatly help you to market your boat. Consider upgrading to a full web ad - the cost is only $25, and the additional detail, description and five photos allowed will further enhance the marketing of your boat.


  • Getting your ad on BoatUS Classified Ads is only the beginning of the selling process. Respond to inquiries as quickly as possible - buyers will appreciate a quick response from you, and may stop them from shopping elsewhere. You may be asked for additional photos, or more information about your item for sale. If you’ve missed something in your description, or a photo of a specific feature is requested, you can modify your ad at any time, free of charge.