Sailing Gloves

Revised by BoatUS editors in June 2012

Synthetic Amara Leather

Replaces traditional genuine leather for use in making sailing gloves. This material is very supple, so it's comfortable to wear. It will keep its soft feel, even after getting wet and drying. Synthetic Amara is also very durable and abrasion resistant.

"Short Finger" or "Long Finger"?

Short-finger gloves offer the best dexterity for tying knots and keep fingers bare for rope recognition, while long-finger gloves give extra protection for handling sheets and provide added protection. Long fingers also offer more protection from the cold.


If you sail frequently in heavy weather, you'll want reinforced gloves. Winter sailors will want warmer gloves.

Glove Sizing

Measure around the fullest part of hand. Use the hand you will be wearing the glove on to measure, i.e. right hand measure right hand. Number of inches = glove size.

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