Sailing Apps


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You want to be the talk of the yacht club? Then you'll have to start winning those races, and SailSim can help. You can use this sailing simulator while you're on dry land, to discover how changes in boat heading, the set of the sails, centerboard, and boat speed relate to wind direction. As you turn your boat (just turn your smartphone), wind direction stays constant relative to the boat, but the sails adjust and change shape as they would in real life. Available on the App Store or Google Play. $0.99.

Sailing Tactician

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Aimed fairly and squarely at the sailboat racer, sailing tactician has a lot of functionality. Start countdown timer, speed over ground, VMG, compass, and tracker are just some of the handy features built into this app. The only downside is that it uses Google maps rather than a chart so you can't use it for navigating but at least you will get an idea of where you are and where you should be. It's a free app so even if you do the odd race here and there it could be worth downloading even if you only use it for one race. Available on the App Store or Google Play. Free.

Sail Trimming

Getting the best out of a sailboat requires an understanding of how sails work. While you can just pull in the sheets and hope for the best, there really is a lot more to getting the best out of your sails. Almost anyone can sail dead downwind but more races are won on the upwind legs than anywhere else. Adjusting your sails correctly makes all the difference and not just for racers, cruising sailors can benefit for correct sail trim too. This app explains with clear diagrams just how to "learn the ropes" and get the best from your sails no matter what sort of sailboat that you may have. Available on the App Store. $1.99.

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