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Boat Essentials – USCG Safety Gear

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Released by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) this year, the Boat Essentials app is currently available for iOS devices only. The app is based on a simple checklist of required boating safety gear, which helps you make sure you have all the necessities aboard. It goes a few steps farther as well, by tracking scheduled maintenance in your calendar, filing and saving float plans, setting replacement reminders for gear that has an expiration date or requires regular inspection (like flares and fire extinguishers), and providing links to boating agencies. For those of you who own multiple boats, it can maintain lists for up to three different vessels. The app was developed with funding from a US Coast Guard Recreational Boating Safety nonprofit grant, so naturally, it's free. Judges of the International Boatbuilders' Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) were so impressed with the Boat Essentials app, they awarded it an Innovation Award. Available on the App Store. Free.

Boating Suite

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Perfect for long-distance cruisers, liveaboards, and boaters who like to know how much fuel is in the tanks — to the very gallon — this is a logging app that turns your iPhone into a digital filing cabinet with built-in spreadsheets. Logs included are trip, fuel, maintenance, expenses, shopping, and to-do; reports can be organized by date and/or information included. Available on the App Store. $4.99 |

Dag Pike's Boat Inspection

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Buying a boat is a major commitment in terms of money and time, but how do you know if you're getting a good deal. This app gives guidance on what you should be looking at as you give that boat you are thinking of purchasing the once over. While not a substitute for a proper survey it may help you just to avoid a lemon before calling in the pros. Topics include, engine, running gear, rigging, and structure. Available on the App Store. $2.99.


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There are a ton of transducers out there. Not sure if you need a CHIRP transducer to find the fish, or something a little more basic if you just want to know the depth of water below your keel? If so then the iNstall app could be just the thing for you. Offering transducer selections, wiring diagrams, online brochures, and installation guides in addition to a deadrise level and wire-sizing guide along with other helpful information this app could save time, money, and heartache. Available on the App Store. Free |

ShipShape Pro

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In the old days looking after your boat was a matter of writing things in a notebook so you would remember them. This new app brings that logbook into the digital age. Sure, you can use this app as a voyage logbook, but its real value is as a place to store all the technical information on the boat’s systems. You can set reminders, set up check lists and the app will remind you when such things such as engine maintenance becomes due based on the amount of engine hours. Available on the App Store. $39.99 |

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