USCG Documentation

Let BoatUS Help Document Your Boat

US Coast Guard Documentation creates an official record of ownership with the US Coast Guard, aids in theft recovery if your vessel is ever stolen and eliminates the need to mark state registration numbers on your boat. Many marine lenders require that a boat be documented in order to provide financing since it creates an official record of ownership and a way to record liens.

Click here to begin the documentation process or call 800-365-5636 for more information.

Boats more than five net tons, measuring the boat’s volume not weight, are able to be documented. Most boats over 27’ feet in length meet the five net ton requirement.

Your boat's Bill of Sale, current registration paperwork, Builder’s Certificate and/or Manufacturer's Statement of Origin may be required to complete the USCG Documentation process. Only boats owned by US citizens are able to be documented.

Photo of Time II Spare boat name