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Chris Craft
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Pats2nd Connie

Joined: June 28 2013
Posts: 157
Posted: February 03 2014 at 07:29 | IP Logged Quote Pats2nd Connie

Having a bit of trouble with the inverter system. Went down last night
and found a few loose connections on battery terminals. Let's hope
that's it. Too many other issues to repair.
I do believe that beyond my water tank having a leak that the pick-up
May be blocked or damaged.   Tank overflows way to quick when filling
and runs out of water way too soon.
These are some of my immediate projects as they will effect our ability
to anchor out for the weekends, any constructive input would be
Goose, I still get a good chuckle out of the "Over? It's not over...."

Patrick hoffman
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Joined: July 02 2011
Posts: 205
Posted: February 03 2014 at 11:32 | IP Logged Quote eshover

Pat, you know that you didn't post this under the
Constellation forum, right? That may have been on
purpose. Ha!!

Hope you get your inverter issue resolved. It is extremely
important with inverters that you keep all terminals clean
and well secured. Is the inverter allowing power to the
"inverted" breakers when connected to shore power? Is the
issue when you roll to invert and THEN there is no power to
your selected breakers. Do you have an inverter control
panel? Is it in "invert" mode? Don't be upset with that
question please. I have expected my inverter to roll over
and when it didn't, I panicked and thought, oh hell!, I've
got a bad inverter. Only to slap my head when I saw that
the controller was not in "invert" mode.
Don't give up if all of that does not produce results. One
final check is the behind the main panel where the inverter
"jump" cable is connected. You may recall my discussion
regarding loose connections behind the panel. If that
inverter service connection vibrates loose then there will be
no inverter power to the selected breakers or group.

As for the water tank, you already know my history there.
Good luck! Trouble shooting is the only option at this time.

Have a great day!


"Southern Charm"
1986 Connie 500
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