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Doral Dude

Joined: October 02 2005
Posts: 33
Posted: October 19 2008 at 21:14 | IP Logged Quote Doral Dude

I have a 2005 MONTICELLO and have winterized it myself since new. I have never been able to fully drain the fresh water tank; it gets down to about an inch and nothing but air comes out the taps. I end up pouring two gallons of -50 antifreeze into the tank and then pressurize the system until I see pink coming out of the taps. There has to be a better way as it takes several tanks full to get rid of the antifreeze in the spring and still the taste remains (stainless tanks would be better as plastic absorbs odors). Any suggestions as to a better method?

Another question - what's the best oil extraction pump? None of the hand pumps works as promised; at least I get a good workout.

Also, if the air/heat is never used, is it necessary to winterize the system?I have the marina do it but it isn't cheap.

Alas, another boating year has come to an end. Enjoy the lay-up season.









Edited by Sonja Lowe on September 24 2013 at 14:01
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Joined: April 04 2007
Posts: 38
Posted: October 19 2008 at 21:26 | IP Logged Quote roger4


I would remove the 8 or so screws for the water level sensor, so I can get access to the inside of the fresh water tank, then use a vacume - even shop vac to suck out the antifreeze, add more water then suck out the remaining again until it seems clean.

I purchased the blue vacume can for oil change and it was a pain.  Then purchased the 12v placstic bucket with a pump on top.  When I shortened the hose a bit, it went much faster.  You need to warm up the oil or it takes way too long to pump it out.

I winterized my air in 5 minutes, and even if not used, probably would winterize anyway.  there are 2 hose clamps on the sea water inlet for the A/C.  Loosen and pull hose off - close valve first if you are in the water! I put a funnel in the hose, then poured about 1/2 gallon of antifreeze while the A/C was running.  In a minute or less, pink came out the outlet - all done.  put hose back, tightened hose clamps very carefully, cause if the hose comes off, boat will sink and no one I know closes that valve as some recommend after use of the boat.


Warren, NJ
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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: September 13 1999
Posts: 15
Posted: October 19 2008 at 21:42 | IP Logged Quote inwaternow

I am not sure that getting all the water out of the tank is needed. If the small amount of  water left is only sitting on the bottom what matters? When it freezes into ice and expands there should be no damage. Some people use air to blow out the lines and faucets instead of antifreeze. I am not sure that I am reccomending that as I have never used that method, but you may want to do a bit of research if the antifreeze is not to your liking.

I suspect that if the air conditioner is never used it would not need winterizing as long as there is no way for it to ever circulate water.  However if the seacock has ever been turned on I would at least pump some antifreeze through it or blow it out.

As to the best oil pump, I have the one sold at West Marine that comes bolted on a bucket lid. Forget the brand! It works well, however I do not know if there is a better one except one that is permantly plumbed to the drain plug.

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Joined: September 14 2005
Posts: 33
Posted: October 20 2008 at 08:25 | IP Logged Quote NW_Vermont

Monticello water tank-

Me:  Drain the tank as much as possible w/ the regular pump/faucet.  What remains can freely expand when it freezes-no damage.

I don't recommend pressurized air for the lines.  Any remaining water will drain to and accumulate at the lowest point of the line or fixture.

antifreeze:  on the inlet side of the water pump, on my 2004 is a braided water line from the tank to the pump strainer.  Disconnect this line at the strainer before the pump.  Go to hardware store and you will find that the same type of connector is available as a faucet or toilet (I forget) water supply line.  Cut off the end of the new line that doesn't fit at the strainer.  Install the correct end to the strainer and put the other end directly in your gallon container of antifreeze.  Extend this hose as necessary to reach the gallon jug. Turn on pump and run through all faucets.  Very quick and easy.

Result:  full confidence winterization with quick flush in the spring.

I hope this helps and makes sense.


2004 Doral Monticello
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