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Sea Ray
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Subject Topic: 2008 Sea Ray 330 Sundancer Review Post ReplyPost New Topic
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Timothy Street
"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: September 22 2008
Posts: 2
Posted: September 22 2008 at 15:17 | IP Logged Quote Timothy Street

Hi All,
I'm new to this forum, but I just wanted to chime in here on my experience with my brand new 2008 330 Sundancer. I previously had a Meridian 381 fly bridge, but I had to trade that in because I was a nervous wreck when my two year old was on the boat now that she can walk.

The express style of the dancer allows me to always have eyes on the cabin door regardless of if we are underway or at anchor.

First, the good - I am so incredibly impressed with the expertise of my sales and service department of my dealer. They have responded immediately to the (unfortunate) multitude of problems I have had with the boat.

The biggest problem I have with the boat is that I love it in spite of its issues. It handles like a dream, sips gas (inboards, not I/O), and just loves to run. The refinements inside and the various touches reinforce the notion that this is a boat made by boaters for boaters.

Now, the bad news - there is nothing more frustrating to see a company so over-deliver on a product like they have on the 330 Sundancer in all of the most difficult areas, i.e. design, powerplant, ammeneties, etc., only to negate all that goodwill with stupid errors that would be easy to fix or prevent in the first place.

The following is the punch list I have delivered to my (incredible) service department. They have had to spend dozens of hours and probably thousands of dollars fixing problems that should not be present in a factory-new boat.

1. Fabric in cockpit discoloring at edges - looks like glue seeping through.
2. ChartPlotter would not accept card.
3. Replaced with new chart plotter that would reset every time we hit a moderately-sized wave. Finally fixed last week and have not had problems.
4. Canvas leaked like a sieve. Service is writing Sea Ray re: replacement or adjustment of canvas pieces.
5. Windlass Switches wired backwards - out is in and in is out.
6. Windlass hangs or does not even pull in or let out chain.
7. Anchor line fouls in windlass and is chafed.
8. Aft electrical compartment door will not stay closed. To even get it to close, it must be slammed.
9. Swim platform speakers inop.
10. Holding tank gauge only shows empty - visually checked tank to be about 3/4 full and this isn't registering on the gauge.
11. Entry door takes Herculean strength to open and close.
12. Numerous leaks into cabin - likely because so much got through canvas, but Service suspects they will have to remove windshield and bow rails and re-caulk everything.
13. Various interior lights inop
14. Isen-glass(sp?) is already showing signs of wear and zipper indentations from improper shipping/storage from factory or showroom.
15. Water leaking from shower valve - this had to be 'fixed' twice.
16. head door handle loose - had to be adjusted twice after first time it wouldn't shut against door jam.
17. Flexiteek in head has air voids underneath - possibly allowing moisture to accumulate in there and rot out the floor.
18. Auxiliary audio input at helm is inop - the one in the cabin works like a dream.
19. Speedo inaccurate - differential of GPS is a good 10mph off.
20. VHF Antenna had bad connection - could not xmit.
21. Grill would not turn on - had to reset GFI
22. Owners manual totally helpless when it comes to defining what switch does what, where certain items are stored (i.e. salon dining table pole), etc.
23. Microwave display literally peeling off
24. Feedback 'noise' visually and audibly on TV when watching DVD and text, such as the credits, are on screen
25. Bad feedback noise in cockpit speakers when listening to radio and A/C is running.

Now there are a few things I want to stress here. The dealership is been a treat to work with and overall the boat is still a dream come true. But as you see above, while none of the items are an absolute killer, taken in their totality it shows a lack of attention to detail that is frustrating to find in a quarter-million dollar boat. Any of the above gripes could have, and should have been found and fixed at the factory or at least on the dealership's initial receipt of the boat.

Instead, I am stuck playing detective finding all of these gripes myself and then taking the time to report them and having the inconvenience of not using the boat while it is being worked on...

So there's my two-cents for those of you considering buying an 08 330 - it's a great boat, but ensure you are given ample time to conduct a thorough shakedown before wandering away from the service department :-)

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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: August 31 2005
Posts: 2
Posted: September 22 2008 at 16:00 | IP Logged Quote mikey4241

Hi Tim==

WOW!!! First I'm glad to hear you haven't become disillusioned (yet) with your latest acquisition. The bs that you've had to deal with can rapidly become a huge turn-off. Please continue your perseverance and best of luck with getting everything corrected.

The point I wished to make here is to request you name names. If a dealership or service provider of any sort, no matter their location, deserves an "atta-boy", this is one of the best places to give cudos. Likewise, if they have earned a thorough "beat-down", the forums on these pages and their participants can be merciless (and rightfully so).

Again, good luck with everything and stay on 'em!
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Timothy Street
"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: September 22 2008
Posts: 2
Posted: September 22 2008 at 16:31 | IP Logged Quote Timothy Street

Hi Mikey,
I'm a realist - and I understand that a new boat comes with the pleasure of knowing that nobody has ever used my toilet, but also comes with the understanding that nobody has gone through and shook down the boat for a few years before handing it to me. 

The only thing keeping me happy is my dealer's responsiveness.  I don't mind naming names just so long as all readers understand that they have been incredible - the deler is Colony Marine of St. Clair Shores, my sales guy (who works harder than anybody I ever meet toward customer service) is Drew Horton, and my tech guy is named Tom - don't know his last name. 

At any rate I'd recommend this dealer a hundred times over - but my gosh, I'd ask that they or Sea Ray take a good luck at their delivery checklist. 

The boat's awesome from arm's length, it's only the details that really crap it out temporarily (i hope!). 

I particularly love the rumble seat that deploys out of the transom.  I sat there and caught 2 good sized Perch and a Smallmouth off the back - what fun!

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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: October 03 2007
Posts: 2
Posted: December 22 2008 at 10:45 | IP Logged Quote nika44

Tim, wow what a list of issues on your Sea Ray. For a new boat it makes me wonder about the Sea Ray brand.

We just sold our 04 Formula 27 PC. After a summer of living on it for three 10 day vacations and every weekend to some port we just were too cramped. We like the 06 and newer Meridian 391 Sedan Bridge and wonder about your own experience with the older 381. My husband is leery as he heard these are the old Bayliner hulls and he wonders if the quality is there. Formula just does not offer the livability we want. Any insight on these sedan bridges would be appreciated. 
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