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Chris Craft
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Capt. Heavy
"First Mate"

Joined: January 23 2007
Posts: 596
Posted: May 30 2008 at 09:04 | IP Logged Quote Capt. Heavy

Hey, yall. The fun never stops. Relpacing the starboard exhaust risers on mystic diver. Just did port side a few weeks ago. These risers are only 19 months old. looks like there was a leak between the water jacket and the exhaust port. Exhaust port filled up with salt and rust, choking off the engine at speeds above 2800 rpm. the only good news here is that they have a 3 year warranty on them. Sent them back to Jerry's Marine in Ft. Lauderdale. Bought new ones. Will install today after work. These risers are made by Barr marine. They are the only ones who manufacture the old style chris manifolds and risers. Not cheap either, even at my cost. Since they are less than 2 years old, they came off pretty easy. This is the fourth set of risers in about 20 years. I usually end up beating them off with a sledge hammer. Not this time. going to hook up a freshwater flush system when I'm done. Just hope they honor the warranty. So anyway, for those of you that have the chris craft (marine power) manifolds, if you start losing power at higher rpms, it may be an indicater that your risers have failed. Have a nice weekend. Now where did I leave my beer? Capt. Heavy

Edited by Capt. Heavy on May 30 2008 at 09:06

Capt. Steve, Stuart Fl. Chris Craft Owner- 25 catalina, 331 corinthian. Licensed Capt. 20 Years, Certified diver for 30 years. Avid fisherman.
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Joined: January 02 2007
Posts: 845
Posted: May 30 2008 at 12:08 | IP Logged Quote diveryates



Thank you for bringing this up!

Yup. In my opinion, the riser/exhaust manifolds are one --if not the weak link on  the american (GM, Ford) V8 based marine engine. The mating surfaces of the riser/manifolds castings always seep, rust and generally need constent attention. Also, the two center exhaust ports on the heads are always vunerable to rust errosion/intrusion. Frankly, I cannot tell if all of this errosion comes from exteror or interor seep sorces or what. Certainly a moisture source is the riser/manifold mating surfaces, but I suspect that may be only part of the story. Of course, it's the critical point where heat, vibration, salts/chemistry for the entire raw water cooling side. I suspect it's a nature-the-of-the-beast sorta thing. I beleive it's rooted in no real historical design effort to deal with this glaring shortcoming. There is little incentive for Mfgr's as they benefit from failures. They have not really been the target of public scrutiny or criticism and it's been easy for them to blame the aftermarket sector for not doing better.  The Austrailian Hitec system is of interest.  I can collect no reliability data so far- anybody have anything on this? It's expensive,  around $2500 per engine. The concept is solid: one piece stainless steel sheeting- stamped/welded (very light, probobly pretty noisy due to less mass) assembly combining riser and manifold into one piece.  I have a real interest in installing this system when I redo my single 305. Till then, vigelance replacment or taking the darn things apart for cleaning, reseal and fresh gaskets is the only alternative I see- a real pain.

Further info on this subject would be greatly appreciated. The entire forum could benefit.

Again, Thanks for bring this up...well done





Roy & Laurie, S.F. Bay Area
'83 280, hardtop, single 305
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