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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: February 26 2007
Posts: 2
Posted: February 27 2007 at 19:12 | IP Logged Quote Gitfish

My wife and I are new to boating, moving to the eastern shore of the Chesapeake a few years ago.  We own a Bayliner 2452 and love it but are considering upgrading to a 29'-30' boat.  We have been to a few shows and we love the Mainship Pilot.  We both like the looks of the hardtop but feel that the softtop may be more practical and give a better view of things.  Any input on ant aspect of this boat would be appreciated, either positive or negative.

Thanks!  Gitfish

G.T. Oesterle
Eastern Shore, Maryland
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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: June 30 2006
Posts: 1
Posted: July 11 2007 at 20:40 | IP Logged Quote MOVING UP

We are closing on a 2001 Mainship Pilot 30' on Friday. We wanted the softtop with the eisenglass panel above the windshield for a better view and also for better ventilation as this panel zips off. We shopped around a lot, looking at Albin 28 TE's and the Pilot 30. The Pilot probably has a lower top speed than the Albin but we liked the larger cabin space and the larger cockpit. 
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Bill Stewart
"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: July 18 2007
Posts: 2
Posted: July 18 2007 at 09:15 | IP Logged Quote Bill Stewart

I am looking at a 2000 Mainship Pilot 30.  The owner has lowered the price to $94,500.  It has the larger Yanmar and is a freshwater boat but the used boat value shows a high of $81,000.  No genset, air or autopilot.  Looks pretty clean and has a radar arch.  What is your experience with the boat so far.


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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: September 14 2006
Posts: 3
Posted: July 18 2007 at 19:04 | IP Logged Quote lstackpoole

For what it's designed to do, it's fine and that's having fun on the
water in a safe, comfortable boat. If my case, it's been very easy on
the wallet. It's not really an extened cruiser given the space
constraints but as a day cruiser it's more than adequate.

It's loud. Forget about conversations unless others are close to you
and don't mind shouting.

Annual maintenance costs are pretty fair compared to what others
around me are paying. That's a subject statement but I can tell you
that things don't break and my used Mainship 30 may or may not
have been in the condition of the boat you are considering. I had
more hours and in spite of that the boat has been near perfect in
terms of reliable running. I needed an impeller and float switch and
that was it. Seasonally, I have the Yanmar dealer change the oil,
filters, belts as prescribed by Yanmar.

I have a 98' with significant refitting such as BT, air, tabs, arch and
all new electronics. I have had the boat for two (May-Nov) seasons
and it's been a surprise. Reliable, safe and very economical. I moved
from sailing to power, reluctantly. I could have done much worse as
this boat has been a good purchase.

Everyone on board seems to find it comfortable (except for noise)
and in less than flat water it's really a trooper. In that regard the
boat has been great.

I am in a marina with 300 other boats, mostly Sea Ray, Carver,
Cruisers, etc. Mine stands out - mostly because it's different and gets
many compliments although most people aren't sure what it is. There
are no other Pilots around here. I think it's simple design that works.

I have a smaller engine than the boat that's listed in Wisconsin for
about 95k. I put 50 hours on the boat last season and used less than
30 gallons of fuel. We thought the fuel gauge was faulty however
from fill to fill it took 29+ gallons. Like many boats the fuel gauge or
some part of the system renders the readout less than accurate. It's
hard to tell how much fuel is available without adding a fuel flow

If the arch is an after market unit such as an Atlantic Towers arch,
check to see if you have access to the bow without having to climb
off the boat outside of the rails. Mainship OE arches were mounted to
the top surface of the boat, not the side which really restricts ease of
safe passage to and from the bow.

AT arches are strong but on this particular boat, it's a very bad fit no
matter how it's installed. At the dock it's difficult to get to the bow to
handle lines but on the water, getting to the bow to handle an anchor
is almost impossible - for an adult not to mention kids, it's unsafe.

Check to see if you can access the engine - all sides. For some
people it's too tight. The mid bilge pump and float switch is
impossible to access unless you are very (very) small. Like-wise for
belts and some other routine service needs. If you fit in tight spaces
or don't mind paying someone who fits in tight spaces, then it's not
an issue.

Regarding the price, it may be priced higher to get the highest book
value. It's supposed to be clean and very well maintained. If you are
referring to the boat in WI. It also has a cockpit cover that protects
the boat from the elements. A generator cost's 9-12k, ac is about
$3500 and auto-pilot is a couple of thousand - much less if you do
the installations yourself.

Some, not all, insurance companies won't cover the boat for the
purchase price if that price is higher than the fair market value.
Others will, if you provide documentation to justify the difference in
value. Most financial institutions will not lend more than the book
value and require a hefty down payment to make sure they finance
no more than market value.

Paying top dollar may get you a great boat however surveyors told
me there are some caveats. You may decide to add some of the
bigger ticket items you mentioned and that move may put the boat
out of reach of most of the used boat market should you try to sell it.
If you keep the boat and use it then the resale price is not the reason
to add or avoid adding these items.

Otherwise, you might just be creating quite a deal for the next buyer.

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Bill Stewart
"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: July 18 2007
Posts: 2
Posted: July 18 2007 at 20:49 | IP Logged Quote Bill Stewart

Istack -

Thank you so much for the prompt and detailed reply. It is the boat in Wisconsin that I am considering. The previous owner hit some rocks and ended up replacing the sand shoe and rudder. The boat has not been in the water for 2 years. The electrical for the genset an Autopilot a friend and I can do. Perhaps in a boat this size the genset is a poor investment, but not the Autopilot. The noise issue, however, caught my eye.  The 225 four stroke Yamaha on my Lund Baron is almost whisper quiet and I sure don't want to buy a boat with a noisy diesel. Your comment regarding adding options is well taken - the boat is still worth only so much. Kind of like a motorcycle with chrome. I was interested to know how the boat performed in a 2 -4 foot sea. From your comments, it appears it can handle it. I'm reluctant to make an offer without taking a ride in a 30 footer. There aren't many of them around, so I would probably have to drive somewhere to do so.  Thanks again for the very detailed response. It's a big investment and I want to do it right.  Maybe some additional time (as in thinking about it over the winter would be good.


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Steve Wagner
"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: November 11 2008
Posts: 1
Posted: November 11 2008 at 21:49 | IP Logged Quote Steve Wagner

I have a 2006 Mainship Pilot Rumrunner. I love the boat but I have some issues that no one seems to be able to help with. I have a water leak in the gally over the microwave that I am unable to find. At idle, the hatch to go below rattles so bad it is maddening. It imediately goes away when you increase the throttle or close the door. I have three batteries and three battery switches. One in the galley under the sink seems to be the main one. There is another on a bulkead by the genset that isolates the genset itself and  mystery one burried on the port under the deck that I have no idea what it controlls. I have been told it may isoltate the bow thruster but I have not checked it yet. The most important question is I am unable to use the portside discharge for the head. I am able to pump overboard but not use the pump out facilities. Some people have told me of  a valve that I have to switch but I  can't find it. Any help would be appreciated.



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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: August 16 2015
Posts: 2
Posted: August 17 2015 at 06:52 | IP Logged Quote Bunka

I have the same head deck pump-out problem ; also on a 2006 Pilot 30
Rum Runner.   It might be a clogged vent which I will check today.
The only valve I can see is the overboard discharge.

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