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Joined: September 14 2005
Posts: 33
Posted: December 14 2006 at 11:11 | IP Logged Quote NW_Vermont

A recent thread on the couple considering the Monticello got me thinking.  I hope to get smiles and sympathy with this post.   I also invite any corrections/comments to my comments.

My Monticello- good and bad.

    * Beautiful, unique lines
    * Not everybody has one (read-Sea Ray)
    * Huge swim platform-think of how much time is spent back there
    * expandable cockpit - see comment below too
    * One-level cockpit- nobody is in a "hole"
    * Lounger in cockpit
    * Beautiful accents like wood steering wheel and cherry in the cabin
    * All the amenites of bigger cruisers in a 25 foot boat- except for generator
    * Fairly unique, plush bow sunpad
    * walk-around gunwales-sorry can't think of name-great for when the canvas is up
    * camper canvas works in either rear seat position
    * large and small engine access hatches
    * large, well laid out engine compartment
    * Unique pop-up back cushion in forward berth to expand the sleeping area
    * Beautiful leather/vinyl interior
    * Small but fully useable head - remember- only 25 feet!
    * Cedar closet
    * Halogen and red radar arch lights
    * Kick-ass stereo with subwoofer- Sirius ready
    * easy access to mid-cabin - as compared to sea ray
    * easy access to all maintenance items
    * Swim platform is low to the water- other brands seem to be higher
    *  Awesome wood cabin table-I'm proud to show it off.
    * Classy wood cockpit steps
    * dedicated two-spot wine compartment
    * class-unique multiple skylights eliminate the cave feel of a cabin.
    * sunbrella skylight/hatch covers
    * large refrigerator
    * quiet heat/ac
    * effective, large bimini to keep the sun off!
    * limited wind in cockpit while underway- no buffeting, easy to talk

Cons: (disclaimer at the bottom)
    * Halogen arch lights aren't bright enough
    * Only cockpit storage is under helm seat- where the hell are we supposed to put the pfds?
    * Related: no gunwale storage- the space is there-seen from the engine compartment
    * Transom locker cannot be opened with the cockpit seat in the rearward          position- this could be solved easily by Doral with a little bit different door             geometry!!
    * Related: no place to put even a collapsable boat hook
    * Two-position cockpit seat requires legs be deployed in both positions- looks    and operates kinda cheaply.  Easy to forget to put them down.
    * Cup holders are a good design, but a little short- drinks can tip or tip out of     them
    * lack of helm-seat cupholder
    * the plastic cup holder at the entrance to the cabin is cheap and in the way-we don't use it.
    * Boat capacity is eight.  Only three cup holders provided in cockpit.
    * clear chart holder on port side is nice idea-we dont use it.  wonder how many do.
    * helm guages: Bouncy (undampened) fuel guage belongs on a Murray lawn      tractor-not a class leading boat.  Other guages tempermental (sp)
    * trim tab buttons in a poor location when the boat is underway-throttle is right in the way
    * factory cockpit table is too big-sure size is important, but too tight a squeeze- we purchased small, round aftermarket table
    * No dedicated spot for trash can- we had one on our cuddy, so we miss it.-     end up with small can in the head.
    * Granite-look countertops too easy to scratch- I wonder if the Corian (sp?)     countertops on the Sea Rays are more resilient
    * Cabin table never slid forward and aft properly and smoothly.
    * Cabin table in berth position doesn't stay on friction-fit connection when you    sit on the aft edge of table/berth- it pops up and doesn't go back down                 unless you muck with it-see disclaimer on this one.
    * single-piece forward camper "windshield"- this could be a pro, too.
    * Doral continues to allow a void for all your goodies to fall into, in the head, i    the lower cabinet- items are allowed to fall under shower floor- HARD TO             RETRIEVE!!
    * No head exhaust fan- wouldn't miss it but other brands have 'em.
    * Starting battery master on/off switch is in engine compartment and is hard to reach unless you dissassemble the cockpit and enter the compartement-we are on a mooring so this is frequent.

Disclaimer:  of the cons, I surely know that I need to tinker with the boat to get things just right.  But, the boat has treated us so well, I've only needed to work hard at having fun!

I invite all comments/solutions.  I'm sure there's more but I'm out of time.

A VERY happy Doral owner,

EDIT: sorry about the funny spaces.  site doesn't like the tab button too much!

Edited by NW_Vermont on December 14 2006 at 11:17

2004 Doral Monticello
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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: September 04 2006
Posts: 3
Posted: December 15 2006 at 19:43 | IP Logged Quote NHPrestancia

NW_Vermont....good list! We have a 2004 Prestancia, not a Monticello. We love our boat.  On our boat, the transom locker can only be opened with the rear seat in the FORWARD position. I sure hope they've fixed that problem! (my husband calls it a "pain in the butt"). And yes, the cabinet in the head is another head-scratcher...why couldn't they have put a flat bottom in it, or have a removable basket type thing for storage? Two things you mention have us puzzled though...the "dedicated two-spot wine compartment"? Maybe it's a Monticello amenity, because we can't think of what you're talking about. There is an open niche shelf in the cabin, to the right of the stairs. Is that for wine??? We keep our flashlight there! Next summer I'll bring a bottle of wine and see if it fits! And about the clear chart holder, we have to strongly disagree. We use it every time we go out, even with radar and GPS and all the other high tech stuff. My husband likes to have new guests act as navigators...he'll have them follow the chart and read off marker numbers as they spot them! People get to be familiar with the lake and the islands (and the rocks), and he gets to play captain. Of course, he's really using the electronic map, but they think they're being helpful. And as for the gauges, we agree they're "bouncy", and also inaccurate. When the fuel gauge read just under a quarter of a tank,  the 110 gallon tank took 110.5 gallons at fill-up! My husband thinks that's downright dangerous. Other than those couple of things, we LOVE our boat.  There is so much natural light in the cabin! And it was a brilliant idea to add a sliding screen door to the cabin entrance. Will can confirm that we put more hours on our boat this summer than just about anybody else at the marina. And Will, don't tell Bob I wrote this, (!) but we have gone over to the marina at least twice so far just to "see" the boat sitting in the storage lot. He's counting the days until ice-out.
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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: November 02 2005
Posts: 91
Posted: December 16 2006 at 00:02 | IP Logged Quote NHDoral

Well its nice to see you guys around here. AS for you guys coming over to see the boat, I did see you come over once, I try not to miss a thing. You obviously found the boat which is good. Im glad to see you guys love the boat, you put more hours on the boat then most of my customers do in a few years. I hope the winter is short just as much as you do!

 Take care and tell Bob and your daughter I send my best. Merry Christmas to you guys if I dont talk to you!


P.S. We got your new radome and cable here and will put them on later in the winter, when we unwrap the boat.


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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: March 22 2006
Posts: 99
Posted: December 16 2006 at 20:44 | IP Logged Quote Ernesto

We live by our chart layout area! LOL I have no idea what we'd do w/o
it. I just hope it were a bit bigger, even though it's plenty big in our
Will, please don't point out that it's a lot bigger on the Boca ...

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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: November 02 2005
Posts: 91
Posted: December 17 2006 at 16:43 | IP Logged Quote NHDoral

It is bigger on the Boca..... Even on the Elegante. Everyone wants an 05 Elegante..........


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Joined: September 14 2005
Posts: 33
Posted: January 04 2007 at 15:17 | IP Logged Quote NW_Vermont

NHP- Re: Wine holder
The Monticello has a two-spot dedicated wine "rack" located in the cabin, starboard side, forward of the cedar closet.  Below the radio, as part of the seating is an armrest that is finished the same as the seating.  The armrest runs laterally in the boat rather than fore-aft.  So, next time you're in one, pick up this hinged armrest to reveal a deep spot for wine or bubbly.  The space is generous enough for a few wine glasses too.  You wouldn't know to pick up on an armrest.....

NH Doral:
You are active in these boards, so I'm sure you'll catch this.  On the Water Channel, channel 217 on Dish Network is a show called Port-o-Call.  They highlight different boating destinations and a local family in the northeast.  Recently, they did a show on Winnipi-ah hell, your lake.  I've been there once and they had great photography and highlighted a family with a 34 foot Sea Ray from your neighbor, Irwin Marine.  I thought you'd be interested because it was (very) close to home.

4 months to go!


2004 Doral Monticello
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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: November 02 2005
Posts: 91
Posted: January 04 2007 at 15:29 | IP Logged Quote NHDoral

Saw that. Irwin is a first class operation and they did a very nice job with the show. I have actually seen them filming out on the lake, Chet Curtis is the host. Cool show and nice to see some familiar areas.


P.S. NHPRESTANCIA, I have your boston boat show tickets. BTW, 135 hours on your motors this year, I think! WOW!


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Doral Dude

Joined: October 02 2005
Posts: 33
Posted: January 05 2007 at 20:54 | IP Logged Quote Doral Dude

NW - you nailed the Monticello right on! That gigantic swim platform sold me plus the access to the mid cabin, plus... everything else you mentioned.

Agree the chart holder is a joke unless your chart is an 8 x 10. However a Garmin chartplotter eliminates it's use. Found the wine rack by accident. Couldn't figure it out at first, then it dawned on me.

Back to the swim platform - height is just right for hauling our 80 pound German Shepherd Dog aboard although next season I'll devise some sort of ramp so he can board himself. I think I'll put a folding chair back there to fish from at anchor!

Instruments? we're on or second tach/hm and I never let the tank get below 1/4. Two clips on the port side just aft of the setee provide a secure place for a boat hook. Why couldn't they have put a small wet bar in the cockpit? Other 25 footers have one. There was a sink option but it looked too flimsy.

My major complaint was/is a loose fitting (elbow) to the waste tank that left a small, tell-tale brown spot (still awaiting repair). Yuck!  Otherwise no problems other than the aforementioned instruments and a satellite radio that didn't "satellite" and a CD player that refused to give up a great Count Basie/Oscar Peterson disk. Radio was replaced (haven't tried the satellite), and we got the CD back from Clarion.

JC Demers at Doral has been great responding to my too-many questions. Can't imagine SeaRay being as personal.


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