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Subject Topic: PROLINE ONE OF THE WORST BOATS ON MARKET Post ReplyPost New Topic
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"Seaman Recruit"

Joined: August 27 2006
Posts: 1
Posted: October 22 2006 at 07:52 | IP Logged Quote bigfish_02

I am a professional fisherman , charter and commercial,.I do seminars on fishing how too's. I own 4 boats, 2 of them Proline boats, one a 2001 walk and the other a 2005 29'c/c . I have been fishing saltwater for over 30 years. I have dealt with a lot of boats and used to work in boat yards, we hold world records and port records, and have won many major fishing tournaments. To anyone interested in buying a boat. unless you have a ton of money and can waste it ,DON'T BUY PROLINE... It has been one of the biggest mistakes buying them, we have had major issues with the 2005 and as well with the 2001. I should have known better then to waste my money on the 2nd proline. I have never dealt with such a rude company, who has given more lies and false promises, they acuse you of abusing your boat... they say they look after the the customer, couldn't be any further from the truth . they mass produce boats and throw them out to the public with a poor design. It may be a less expensive boat then others ,but until YOU fix all the problems,  you could have had a real boat. If anyone needs more info about this subject. [asartori@cfl.rr.com]I will gladly send you all info. here is a copy of a letter that the CEO of the company sent me......REAL professional  hope this helps any future boat buyers!!!! AGAIN DON'T BUY PROLINE!!!!!!!AGAIN DON'T BUY PROLINE!!!!! WOW!!! CAN'T SAY IT ENOUGH... DON'T BUY PROLINE!!!!  

mr. satori. i have seen ur correspondence and perhaps u noticed i was copied on r responses. i have discussed ur issues w/j.walker several times at length. i agree w/his position. u dont have any warranty, yet we continue to offer substantial repairs to ur boat. bring to the factory or a dealer and we will do what we say even though u rnt entitled. as for the rest: stop clogging my email and other proline employess with ur improper complaints. stop threatening us w/ the dire consequences u will cause. and fair warning ur comments and actions r beginning to rise to a level where we can and will seek substantial damages from ur purposely inaccurate and misleading statements.u think u have cost us sales. then perhaps u should check w/ur counsel regarding ur liability. do us all a favor. sell ur boat and visit ur particular brand of self importance on another builder. we niether need nor want ur business.
-----Original Message-----
From: anthony sartori [mailto:asartori@cfl.rr.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 8:44 AM
To: lkimmell@amhmail.net
Subject: proline boats

Mr. Kimmel, You have never answered back any of my e-mails. reguarding a 2005 29'proline c/c ... I have had nothing but major issues with the boat. your people up at proline, have had a very poor response to all the problems , have accused me of abusing the boat,[along with 9 other customers of proline with the same issues]. Something is very wrong with your manufactoring practices. since this all has happened ,i have been in contact with many proline users and many experience the same problems and experiences with your proline staff.. I did everything they asked and when it come down to it they honored nothing they said. we as a fishing community are in the process of getting a lemon law passed for boats, the lawyer's have drawn up a pettition... I'm sure many people will sign it , what ever it cost I will pay...i have lost so much money on the c/c that a few more thousand shouldn't be an issue. you see money never was an issue, but customer care was, quality was, and respect was, but none was offered.. you as ceo , should really look at your proline management.. this I'm sure this will get pretty ugly for proline, when it makes the news and is all published, it has already been bad for proline ,just in the forums, you have, as i know lost 7 boat sales.I have all the surveys of the boat , the coast guards opinion,all the local capts, the estimates, that your people sent me out for... This has all been a mess, with John Walker being the leader of the mess... I have never  heard from you or anyone else from the company who is willing to work on the problem with my boat, Walker sent me a letter saying how I used the boat commercially and he was doing me a favor by working on it , but at my cost and time.NOT ADDRESSING the real issue of the boat being a peice of crap and broken, never being used commercially for the first 200 hrs, it was showing all the problems at 50 hrs.. just look at the estimates from performance fiberglass from last year... Please e-mail me back, so I atleast I have your opinion on the subject VERY SINCERE, ANTHONY SARTORI
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