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BoatUS Blogs : Understanding Registration

What is the difference between register and login?  Why do I need to login?

As a guest (meaning not registered nor logged in), you can read all Blogs and subscribe to RSS feeds, but are unable to respond to the Blogs.  Only registered and logged in Members can respond to Blogs or create their own Blogs.

In order to be a registered user you must be a Member of BoatUS. This enables you to respond to Bogs, receive e-mail notifications of new posts, and possibly become a Blogger yourself!

To become a BoatUS Blogger, just send an email to blogger@BoatUS.com with Your name, Member Number and a summary or theme of what you want to Blog about (i.e. a special trip you’re making on your boat, a weekly or bi-weekly boating blog, a special Star Clipper cruise or another Cruise).  We will get back to you within 1 business day.

If you have any questions or problems with our Blogging pages, please email us at blogger@BoatUS.com