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Building the Annapolis Boat Show
Contributed by Membership - This blog has been viewed 12434 times and there are 1 comments
Posted: August 14, 2009

Each October, for 40 years, the United States Sailboat Show (October 8-12, 2009) and the United States Powerboat Show (October 15-18, 2009) take over the docks and harbor of the colonial seaport of Annapolis. These two events, the oldest and largest in-water shows in the industry, are the only major boat shows not produced in an existing marina. Playing host to more than 250 sailboats, over 450 powerboats and hundreds of land exhibitors requires the construction of a temporary facility of stupendous proportions.

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Pacific North West
Contributed by Bryan Dove - This blog has been viewed 11257 times and there are 0 comments
Posted: June 23, 2009
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Skin Cancer loves Boaters
Contributed by Terri Parrow Botsford - This blog has been viewed 8962 times and there are 0 comments
Posted: June 11, 2009
Because of the above average exposure to the sun, Skin Cancer is an important topic for those of us who spend time on the water. I'd like to share my experience in the hopes that my fellow boaters will take heed and be extra cautious about prevention and early detection.
For the last 20 years, I've used sunscreen every day on my face and almost always worn sunscreen on any part of my body that was going to be exposed to the sun. I've read about and kept a watch out for those brown or black irregular or changing spots on my skin -- knowing they may indicate the onset of skin cancer.
I've ...... Read More

Superstitions at Sea: No Bananas & Other Tales
Contributed by SarahD - This blog has been viewed 11680 times and there are 0 comments
Posted: January 19, 2009
I love to eat rockfish, pretty much every chance I get. For those people that that live outside of the Chesapeake Bay area, that's a striped bass, a fish with nice firm white meat, very similar to halibut. It goes by a lot of names wherever it is fished, but whatever you choose to call it, it is delicious. It is also still surviving (but still not exactly thriving) in the Chesapeake after fishing bans imposed in the 1980's were lifted. I eat it just about every weekend too. My husband and I spend most weekends in Easton, MD at our second home on the Eastern shore, where fresh rockfish and othe...... Read More

The Battle of the Shores: Eastern vs. Western
Contributed by SarahD - This blog has been viewed 10290 times and there are 0 comments
Posted: November 25, 2008
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My First BoatUS Blog
Contributed by Hugh Mulzac - This blog has been viewed 10645 times and there are 1 comments
Posted: July 21, 2008
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The Mighty Barge
Contributed by lukey - This blog has been viewed 9867 times and there are 0 comments
Posted: July 17, 2008
Funny how living on the water offers up many diversions that "land people" just don't get to experience. I guess it's about the wonderful impermanence of our living arrangements. In some sort of zen or quantum physics way, I can claim to not be living on the same water that I lived on yesterday even though I have not left my slip. The water beneath my boat is always moving with tide and wind. If such were the case ashore, I would be constantly under the proverbial "doorway" waiting for the aftershock.
And so it is with those who live on the water. Boats and lives coming and...... Read More

Boat House Row
Contributed by lukey - This blog has been viewed 9175 times and there are 0 comments
Posted: July 11, 2008
Last night we attended a civic meeting to understand about the redevelopment of "Boat House Row", that all-but-forgotten strip of land following the Anacostia River in DC. The Near Southeast Urban Design Framework describes the area thusly: "Cut off from rest of the Near Southeast to the west and the Capitol Hill district the north by highway overpasses and rail connections, this sub-area has been physically and psychologically isolated." Anyway, it is home to a number of small-but-mighty rowing and powerboat clubs and not much else.
It is interesting to see how DC poli...... Read More

Fish Fry, Fireworks and History
Contributed by lukey - This blog has been viewed 9585 times and there are 0 comments
Posted: July 08, 2008
The marina I live at is wonderful in many respects (more later), but it has zero facilities and zero things to do. Well, not quite zero... one can always hang out and gossip, but with only about 30 of us, that gets pretty old. I did give permission to one of the more shameless gossips to make up stuff about me, but that's as far as I get into that scene.
For boating-related comaraderie, I usually head over to a sweet little no-frills boat club named Seafarers. It's up the Anacostia in an area that some call Boat House Row, others call it by different names as the area is not exactly chic. The ...... Read More

Life aboard the "George Major"
Contributed by lukey - This blog has been viewed 9496 times and there are 0 comments
Posted: July 03, 2008
"Hello, my name is Lukey and I'm a liveaboard boater." No, it's not yet another twelve step gathering, but more a quick way to allow the new person I'm just meeting to nod politely and move away before I start a long dissertation on why dry-wall screws are generally not a good substitute for stainless or some other such boat repair esoterica.
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